Novapoint 2022 is released!

Simplify and improve the customer experience. A new fresh look is now the first you see when opening Novapoint 2022. Several enhancements and new possibilities are added to make Novapoint better and flexible.

To learn more about the news in Novapoint, see the on-demand webinar.

Novapoint Road

Trimble is striving towards a good customer experience. With support of 4K screen resolution and new icons, you will in version 2022 get a new look and feel.

Novapoint Task icons

Improved dialog for Design Objects
The improved dialog makes it better for reusing the same dwg in different locations of your cross-sections, so you only need to refer to it once. The tool also remembers the geometry, in cases where the file path gets lost when moving the project or switching users.

More flexible sight distance analysis
User-defined sight distance analysis now has the option to customize your sight distance. Where you before could only set a fixed user-defined sight distance it is now possible to make it self-adjust based on alignment incline and curvature.

Soft spot removal 
More options to define the depth are added. Depth can now also be measured from the roadsurface and alignment elevation, not only measure depth from terrain surface

Alignment as Surface Edge
Get better results of your alignment when adding Alignment as Surface Edge. The model gets more calculated cross-sections when the Alignment as Surface Edge has curves sharper than the road ref.alignment.

Also, when you go to pick your Alignment as Surface Edge you can automatically get the available from-to chainages by the click of a button.

Quantity report
The Quantity report will now notify the user when it finds a report made with intervals has different results than the quantities you see in Quadri. Sometimes the reason is that your road design is selfoverlapping, resulting in the same quantities being measured more than once.

To learn more about the news in Novapoint Road, join our webinar on November 16th.

Novapoint Road Marking

A few minor enhancements and general bug fixes. 

Novapoint Road Sign

Added support for a lot of new signs for Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

Novapoint 2022 Road Sign

Novapoint Water and Sewer

The product library for Water and Sewer has expanded with a large number of new items from several suppliers. Over 300 new products from Norwegian suppliers have been added. 

Product library for Utilities



Quadri has also released a new version. Click to learn more about the news in Quadri 2022