Trimble ID

Trimble Identity (Trimble ID) provides single-sign-on access for all of the Novapoint and Quadri Online services. You can sign in to one service and then browse to another online service without having to sign in again.

Trimble ID applies to access authorization for Trimble Easy Access, Trimble Novapoint Infrastructure Design Suite, Trimble Novapoint GO, and more.


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Vianova ID

Vianova ID is the license authentication for Trimble Solutions Scandinavia customers. Trimble Solutions Scandinavia has now adopted Trimble ID as our new, single-sign-on, license authentication system for Trimble Easy Access, Trimble Novapoint IDS, and Trimble Novapoint GO.

We are moving our authentication for the licensing from Vianova ID to Trimble ID.

To access and work in Novapoint 21 and Quadri 3 you need a Trimble ID. If you are not working in the newest version of Novapoint and Quadri yet, you need to use your existing Vianova ID (or – if you  are new to the software – create one) to access your work.

Need to migrate Vianova ID to Trimble ID?

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