On June 8th, 2018, the GROUPE MONNOYEUR has acquired ARICAD to complete its solutions and services portfolio and consolidate its position as a dominant player in the distribution of technology solutions for the Construction industry. 

This acquisition is the continuation of the GROUPE MONNOYEUR commitment – through its ARKANCE division – to delivering to our customers a wide offering of technology solutions, from the design phase to the construction, utilization and maintenance of buildings and the infrastructure. 

ARICAD is a Platinum AUTODESK Value Added Reseller (VAR) and solutions integrator, with more than 90 people, which offers a wide range of advanced and proven design tools used in architecture, construction and industrial projects. ARICAD provides its 3000 customers with a wide area of services from design, integration, deployment, training and support, including software development and a portfolio of home-developed software solutions. They already support large construction groups as well as smaller Engineering or Architecture offices in their migration to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes. 

Over the past few years, the GROUPE MONNOYEUR has developed a complete offering of software, equipment and services to support the construction industry in their migration to the new Digital construction processes, which is already gaining the engineering offices and construction sites. We have created ARKANCE to synergize a group of experts in all aspects of the construction technologies, starting 7 years ago with the SITECH network, offering the TRIMBLE technologies for machine control and topography, expending to surveying and construction software with the acquisition of COUDERE, and VIANOVA SYSTEMS BENELUX and I-THESES. Completed with the acquisition of ARICAD, ARKANCE can now offer a wide portfolio of software solutions from multiple software editors covering all phases of the projects lifecycle: from early design to detailed planning, to construction and maintenance in a digital model (BIM).



A: GROUPE MONNOYEUR, through its ARKANCE division, intends to support construction stakeholders in the face of the challenges of digitizing their business. Acquiring ARICAD, French leader in CAD and BIM software distribution for Construction, gives ARKANCE a network of recognized experts to fulfill its objectives of becoming the essential supplier of integrated solutions - software and hardware - designed to optimize performance of the Construction industry. 

Q: What will happen to the current brand name ARICAD? 
A: ARICAD joins ARKANCE SYSTEMS; a gradual transition of the brand name will be made in order to consolidate all the "software" activity under the unique brand name ARKANCE SYSTEMS. 

Q: What will happen to the current ARICAD team? 
A: By acquiring ARICAD, ARKANCE is investing in a distribution network but above all in a team of experts recognized and appreciated by their clients. The goal of the GROUPE MONNOYEUR is to perpetuate this expertise and to continue to grow it and increase its competence. Therefore, your interlocutors remain the same. 

Q: Will you offer TRIMBLE software in addition to the AUTODESK software suite? 
A: ARKANCE SYSTEMS, already official reseller for some months for France, Benelux and Poland of the TRIMBLE software suite for Construction (NOVAPOINT, QUADRI, QUANTM, TILOS), sees its software portfolio enriched with solutions AUTODESK, thus becoming the true "one stop shop" of building and infrastructure construction software. 

Q: Do you intend to close or relocate the offices of ARICAD? 
A: This acquisition will have no impact for the time being on the location of ARICAD's teams across France, the idea being on the contrary to continue investing to offer our customers and partners local services and services. optimum means to train their teams. 

Q: Are software price changes and related services scheduled? 
A: The acquisition of ARICAD by ARKANCE will have no impact on the pricing policy or the agreements in effect prior to this operation.